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There is a need to communicate, desire for a telling.
Narrative is a form of relation between a subject and itself and other objects. /Object being understood as everything external (to the subject) that calls up feelings./ The relation between subject and objects is never neutral; the point of departure is always a theory, conjecture about a theory. The link between subjects and objects is never given directly, but rather through images that we construct about them, meaning that the object of the relation is, to a degree, part of us, it belongs to the subject that has constructed their image. So any reading lays the groundwork for the construction of another telling/narrative.

There is no original statement, it is always preceded by others. We are, likewise, never the owners of absolutely all the narratives. They start out and become enchained with others, like legacies, like remains that come together providing a sensation of common flow; History.

I situate my work within the space where those communions arise, on the imaginary line the constellations draw. My interest is drawn to the ways and processes in which those devices of reading and inscription are related and, in turn, with the great narratives that inscribe and generate re-readings of social relations.