Iván GómezIván Gómez

Aparato#0 El ciego lince

Ertibil, Sala Rekalde, Bilbao 2015

(...) shows images that capture a movement; in the process of development; a turning, exploding movement. This verb, to capture, has been built into our customary language as the normal one to use for images. We talk of “screen captures”: as if our screens housed such a violent movement, such feverish traffic, that only the metaphorics of crime or the hunt would admit. An image is captured as would be a delinquent or an animal offering resistance. A lynx, say. But this is ultimately an empty metaphorics, missing anchorage in the real, because nowadays any device in the multiscreen world today incorporates the function capture or screenshot. One must always be in a position to share what is going on via the fleeting frame of one's screen(s). Accordingly, the base appliance that we are operating with, Aparato #0, incorporates that functionality. That's why the image flow doesn't really offer any resistance; as little as a blind lynx would offer a hunter.

Jaime Cuenca
Ertibil Bizkaia 2015

Aparatos [Apparatuses] is a series where I work on the relation between image and viewing devices. In Aparato #0_El Ciego Lince [Apparatus #0_The Blind Lynx], devices that are a cross between a frame and a showcase are presented showing images that are half advertising photography and half documents of an action.

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Aparato#1 Calcetines para caballeros de lana

Artistas Nóveles de Guipuzcoa

Technical assistance
Carlos Gil

Arteleku, Donostia, 2015

Mulling over the idea of producing a sculpture that also works as a film projector. As an attempt to dismantle the function of a device using its own form. (…) Constructing a sculpture whose perimeter is traversed by a 35mm film. Inside this structure a projector will launch pictures outwards. The shaft of light will penetrate the structure… I understand that in this proposal friction occurs between two techniques-cum-devices that conceive space-time in various ways. A relation of resistances.

These were my notes prior to this project. The central issue, function and dismantling, appears in the results. The process concluded in an installation where a sculpture-projector and a sculpture-screen are coordinated in relation with a time that characterizes the projection: on/off.

The film draws together different ways of viewing the notion of work.

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