Iván GómezIván Gómez

Deseo de testigo

Producido por
Obra Social Caja Madrid

Espai Cultural Caja Madrid, Barcelona, 2011

(...)Desire for Witness emphasises the need for the gaze of a readerspectator in order to give meaning to a narrative. The context of film montage and the technique of collage give way to a rich cosmos of images from past and present popular visual culture, and invite spectators to (re)configure stories based on their own gaze. As in a game of mirrors, the translucent and reflective material suggest the front and the back of the images, what remains behind (‘offscene’) and in front (on-scene), and the idea that one image always leads to another. It also includes a series of film editing machines, a video-essay, two Youtube appropriations, and an allegoric installation in the space that functions as an architectural device and a nerve centre in this story about stories.(...)

Alex Brahim,
Composición de lugarII_Audiencias Cardinales

When somebody tells a story, somebody listens to it. This refers a logic of the connections between two points. And what do we expect to find on the other side of our gaze? Another body, another face, another look. Witness Desire intends to bring the idea of film editing close to the construction of individualization process. Diverse formats (video, collage, objects) speak for/with the spectator. There are not too many images between them, only an elastic, flexible, ‘in-between’ which is sometimes short, plain, narrow, and some other times distant, huge, excessive; an external limit of the inexpressible, like the line of the horizon. Thus, the world is full of things and stories. And it’s not enough to re-order them.