Iván GómezIván Gómez

Prometer el infinito

Technical assistance
Debora Martínez Sánchez

JustMadrid, Madrid 2011

They compose a small poem. It is so small it proves to be practically illegible, imperceptible. These images do not possess the pride of the great poets but the dysmorphic timidity of a hikikomori. Their verses do not vociferate, no-one climbs onto a table to declaim them with lyrical pomposity, as in that ghastly Peter Weir film that was all the rage at the end of the 1980s. The little poem was written under the table. And it is not declaimed but whispered. It asks you to listen closely and only then, dispelling other sounds, do you begin to recognize those first words.

Pablo Marte
Prometer el infinito [Promising infinity]

Prometer el Infinito starts with the finding of a collection of reels of 35 mm films. I work with these films using analogical photography, restoring the colour with the black and white produced by chemical emulsion. Through collages I decontextualize the material and come up with new narratives thereby generating a series of film images.

• Un estudio sobre la imagen fílmica_Diario Vasco