Iván GómezIván Gómez

Our Blood & Guts

With the support of
(Beca de creación) Diputación de Gipuzkoa

Arteleku, Donostia 2012

The voice ties the language, the signifier, to the body: it is the passage between the two, the place where one 'communicates' with the other, passes over into the other; structurally, the crossing between inside and outside. It presents a topological problem, since it is not a part of the body, nor is it a part of the signifier, yet the two can hold together only by this passage, which is the point of utter ambiguity.

Mladen Dólar
Kafka's Voices

Our blood & guts collects a series of pieces made after a stay in Medellín, Colombia. I conducted a small investigation there and a set of interviews held with mothers whose children had disappeared, inquiring about the mourning processes that accompany cases associated with the legal construct of ‘Presumed death’. In the end I steered away from working with the recorded material and transferred the project toward a more subjective symbolic production.

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