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Dragon Khan has not been the same as it used to be.

Postales [Postcards] (2008-2009) collects a series of exercises whose aim is to break down the distance that is created between the camera and the filmed subject, be an “invisible eye”. Short videos, of ordinary intimate scenes.

Postcard 1 shows us the poses made by some tourists before their cameras. In Postcard 2, opposite the Hermitage Museum, the tourists are mixed in with the poses from a day of weddings. And in Postcard 3 we see scenarios created for enactment.

In this section I include other videos from the same years.

La curva

In La curva [The bend] we observe, from close up, some young people on the bend of a rally circuit. They talk and watch the cars go by.

La voz de otro

In La voz de otro [The voice of another] singing perfection exercises are repeated over and over again, for voice training.

Recuerdos de un tacto

Recuerdos de un tacto [Recollections of a touch] is the short version of an earlier documentary called Éranse dos veces [Twice upon a time]. Childhood scenes are recreated in which touch is at the fore. Moments from the past that are relived through fiction. Reappropriation and reconstruction of family memories.