Iván GómezIván Gómez

D.H.D.A (Debería Habértelo Dicho Antes)

Work team
Eusebio Soria
Benedetta Orsoli
Miguel Elizalde
Jaime de los Ríos
Oier Villar
Iván Gómez

With the participation of
Enrico L’Abbate
Oscar Noish
Zazpi T’erdi
María Ruido
Juan Llano Borbolla
Pablo Marte
Leticia Linares / Itxaso Martínez
Paula Pin

With the support of
(Beca de promoción) Gobierno Vasco

Arteleku / Espacio Reflex, Donostia 2013

At the start of 2013 we formed a work group devoted to the friction between production and process in artistic practice. As the starting point we took the question Deleuze and Guattari tried to address: How do you make yourself a Body without Organs? Under this premise we conducted a very concrete praxis. A cycle of laboratories/encounters where we invited other artists/agents to develop a proposal of their own within this framework of interest. A bit like throwing a ball and working via its bounce.

This laboratory cycle was essentially an experiment in itself. We used the metaphor of a spring to visualize it, each laboratory being a stage that became the next leg. Endeavouring to form a single process among them all, a body of superimposed layers that are nevertheless mutually interconnected. This attempt at becoming a process, a fish biting its own tail, made a stopover on the way, to think it through. We called this halt on the journey, the exercise of looking back, I should have told you before. The exercise consisted of two parts: a round table where all the guests came together and pooled their reflections, and a show with pieces that arose from the stopping of the ball, which were made by the work group.

In the end we published a small magazine that once again hurled lines outwards, the idea being not so much to spell out the previous journey as to gather new steps to advance with.


• MARÍA RUIDO_Electroclass_Conference and screening

• LETICIA LINARES & ITXASO MARTÍNEZ_Me matas. Me das placer_Conference

• JUAN LLANO BORBOLLA_Caso Clínico_Conference


• ENRICO L’ABBATE_Senza Fine_Lab#1

• OSCAR MARTÍN_Códigos Obtusos_Lab#2

• ZAZPI T’ERDI_Cine sin orden_Lab#3

• JUAN LLANO BORBOLLA_Caso Clínico_Lab#4

• PABLO MARTE_El coro teatral como práctica de montaje_Lab#5

• PAULA PIN_Noise in ecosystems_Lab#6